Do you have an urgent and very important academic work that’s stressing you out? We offer 360 degree assistance to academics at all tertiary levels. We offer professional editing, data analysis, document formatting and academic research support services via convenient online and direct contact platforms.

We assist students across all major tertiary learning levels i.e.

  • PhD
  • Masters
  • Honours
  • Bachelors and Diplomas
  • Professional courses

Our services cover the following disciplines:

  • The Humanities
  • Social and Political Sciences
  • Business, Finance and Economics
  • ICT Theory
  • Media and Law
  • Research Sciences

Editing services include the following (although they can be customised to meet specific requests):

  • Grammar, spell check and sentence construction
  • Numerical correctness checks
  • Fact checks
  • Data analysis output checks
  • Document flow and logic review
  • Plagiarism risk correction
  • Formatting against a required standard
  • General outlook and presentation reviews

Lets us help you pull through.