A dissertation is probably the most critical academic work one may have to produce during an undergraduate/postgraduate study cycle. In today’s world, dissertations have evolved from being merely a written presentation between you and your institution. The existence of online repositories where progressive universities and colleges upload all successful dissertations now means that your dissertation is accessible to the world at large. Potential employers, further study institutions, research partners, publishers and other parties who might be important for your career advancement can now see how you conduct research and present your work. Thus a dissertation gives you an opportunity to market your strong capabilities as a researcher, thinker and writer.

This is why we at EditLink believe that it is important for you to seek assistance where you are in doubt about anything dissertation. Our dissertations support services  include:

  • Assistance in concept/idea generation
  • Research proposal development guidelines
  • Research designing
  • Actual data collection (primary and secondary data)
  • Presentation and formatting
  • Data analysis support
  • 360 degree tutorial guidance during the whole process

Our services create the following benefits to students:

  • Enhanced ability to meet deadlines
  • Submission of a complete, institutionally-compliant dissertations
  • Submission of a logical and professional dissertation
  • Managed research costs and time frames
  • Saved costs of resubmission due to failure to meet institutional requirements
  • Reduced plagiarism risks

These benefits always guarantee a pass for most students. For more information on dissertation support please send an email to dissertations@editlink.co.za or contact us through the other contact details provided on this site.

Remember, our services are 100% confidential and where required, anonymous.